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Amazing 3-D type - TypeGang (Instagram) - Absolutely love the vibe/insight you get from this. It screams modern (as in from maybe 10 years ago aka vintage) "American Dream" with the RVs without any red/white/blue or flags or overt "America" visuals.

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字体可以不样的表达,就像这样! 3d lettering

your song – in black & white on

I don't know if this is real or photoshopped, but it looks like something somebody would do with one of those new 3-D Printer pens.

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Like how the even the more simple type has dimension to it, and then how the ribbon type is so interactive. May be able to utilize the more simple part for my logo

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Intriguing flower #type #illustration that would work beautifully in editorial layouts.
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