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An Affordable Metal 3D Printer?

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Meet the Mini Metal Maker: A basic, sub-$1,000 3D printer that prints metal

Using Indiegogo, one startup team are trying to crowdfund a radical new printer, called the Mini Metal Maker, that allows its users to print metals.

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Look Ma, I Made It Myself! 10 Amazing Things 3-D Printers Can Do Now

"Jewelers typically prototype new pieces by hand-carving models out of wax that are then cast in precious metal — a labor-intensive process that is prone to small accidents. Today, the maker can design a model in a CAD/CAM program like JewelStudio and create the form with a 3-D printer or CNC mill."

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Bring the Elven Court in Your Home with this Set of Elven Silverware

This beautiful set of "Setae Flatware" was created by the folks at the Francis…

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You Can Now 3D Print with Metal at Home

Finally: an open-source metal 3D printer that can be built for less than $2000.

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Christopher Barnatt goes from designing to 3D printing a metal object and shares the experience in this video.

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Over the past few years, we've seen 3D printing prove itself an invaluable resource for engineers. It's helped us build prosthetics, instruments, drones – hell, we've even printed a mini jet engine that can blast at 33,000 RPM. But in the hands of creatives, the hackable tech has done something else entirely: allowed them to make unbelievable art. For University of Chicago assistant professor Dr. Allan Drummond, that art comes in the form of resurrecting ancient beasts. A biochemistry and…

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Can't Afford Tiffany? Get Your Wedding Ring From A 3-D Printed Mold

6 | Can't Afford Tiffany? Get Your Wedding Ring From A 3-D Printed Mold | Co.Design | business + design

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10 3D-printable home goods that could put Target out of business

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