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Aguila .30 Carbine .110Gr FMJ Ammunition - 1E302110

Aguila .30 Carbine 110Gr FMJ Ammunition is perfect for hunting Varmint from small rodents to larger animals like fox, or coyotes.


Aimshot Bs30 Laser Bore Sight 30 Carbine with Battery Box by Aimshot

Aimshot Bs30 Laser Bore Sight 30 Carbine with Battery Box

30 carbine Enforcer pistol. A discontinued (1993) Iver Johnson "Enforcer" pistol. Based on the cal. 30 M1 carbine, this pistol is only 18" long with a 10 1/2" barrel. It uses many of the origional GI parts, also used standard 30 carbine magazines.


Automag III .30 Carbine Pistol made by Irwindale Arms, Inc. with .30 Carbine cartridge

Ballistic Tests - 30 Carbine and 32 ACP

Inland Manufacturing M1 1944 .30 Carbine Semi-Auto Rifle Guns > Rifles > Military Misc. Rifles US > M1 Carbine


Vintage 1950's Lake City Arsenal 30 Carbine M1 by stowawayantiques, $18.00

M1 Carbine Rifle Action Wrench & Head - Complete M1 Carbine Wrench -

m2 | M2 carbine, a select-fire modification with enlarged, 30-round ...


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