Critical Thinking

Here is an example about how to develop a 21-century critical thinker. The examples of reflecting on learning relates to the 21st century skill of critical literacy. It is important that students are able to think about situations critically. An example that reflects this is applying critical thinking to real world situations in order to make an informed decision. Retrieved from

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Auteurs R. Marzano en T. Heflebower presenteren een onderwijsmodel dat is gebaseerd op vijf essentiële vaardigheden, die ze samen 21st century skills noemen. Ze onderscheiden daarbij cognitieve vaardigen (kennis die leerlingen nodig hebben) en conatieve vaardigheden (goed kunnen omgaan met anderen). Klaar voor de 21e eeuw biedt vele concrete aanbevelingen voor de onderwijspraktijk, gebaseerd op uitgebreid wetenschappelijk onderzoek.

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The Critical Thinking Skills Cheatsheet [Infographic] via GDC


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What The Data Says About Students' 21st Century Readiness | TeachThought

What The Data Says About Students' 21st Century Readiness

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What Will Education Look Like in a More Open Future?

The latest Tweets from Margaret Sisler (@Techy_Margaret). HS Tech Coach, WVU sports fan, co-moderator & cofounder of passionate about engagement, choice, relationships & tech. Virginia

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7 Brain-based Tips for eLearning Success

How To Use Brain Research For Effective eLearning Development Infographic presents key principles from neuroscience research paired with tips that will allow course creators to achieve effective eLearning development.

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Fantastic Chart On 21st Century Education Vs Traditional Education

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