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2016 In Film

Debbie Reynolds ~ Age: 84 ~ Born: 4-1-1932 & Died: 2-28-2016 / She died one day after her daughter Carrie/Together in life & now together in death! (Mary Frances "Debbie" Reynolds) ~ Amer. Actress, Singer, Businesswoman, Film Historian & Humanitarian! You will be missed! R.I.P.


Ordet (1955)

Wasn't able to pay too much attention to details, but it's still a Dreyer classic.

Not sure if the movie completely captures the experience (I'm not from Pisay), but it's good.

Tekken: Buraddo benjensu (2011)

Screw the live action movie.

Mission: Impossible II (2000)

[Re-watch] Still action-packed after all these years.

Leaves From Satan's Book (1920)

A five-hour treat that is actually worth it.

I am one with the Force, the Force is with me.


De Eerste Wereldoorlog is afgelopen. In een klein Duits stadje bezoekt Anna elke dag het graf van haar verloofde, die sneuvelde aan het front in Frankrijk. Op een dag merkt ze een Fransman op, Adrien, die net als zij, bloemen op het graf legt. Zijn aanwezigheid zo kort na de Duitse nederlaag, verhit de gemoederen in de stad.(nog te zien)


'La La Land' movie - a memorable film, seen on Christmas Day, 2016, with family. "In his first film since 'Whiplash,' Damien Chazelle stages a lavish song-&-dance musical that dares to swoon the old-fashioned way, with Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone as L.A. dreamers." We were thoroughly involved. Thanks.


Soof 2 (2016)

Soof 2 (2016) - IMDb Deze film heb ik gezien in de bioscoop. Leuke film.