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DR ARIC SIGMAN: How seeing movies like Batman can turn our children violent

A screenshot of an article by Dr. Aric Sigman where he proves that violent movies have an influence on children. This article was published 4 years before the 2012 Aurora Shooting had occurred. Here he explains that "new neurological evidence shows that children are unable to distinguish between fictional and actual violence" A very very interesting read! (


Breaking News: A jury finds the Cinemark movie theater chain is not liable for the 2012 Aurora shooting massacre.

2012 - Aurora, CO. Shooting massacre at a movie theater claims 12 victims, including six year old Veronica Moser Sullivan. 70 others are wounded. On July 16th, 2015, the shooter is convicted.


Designers Unveil Gun Range Targets Featuring Ordinary People

"We recently received a letter from a mother of one of the victims of [the 2012 Aurora shooting in Colorado] thanking us for bringing attention to gun violence with our project," McDonald said.

The 2012 Aurora shooting sent a shockwave throughout America—a shockwave comprised of anger, fear, and confusion that such a thing could have happened. But heroes will always find a way to inspire people, despite a madman trying to prove the opposite—whether this be in The Dark Knight Rises film or, as it turned out, in real life.When James Holmes opened fire in the theatre, three boyfriends instinctively leapt to cover their girlfriends, shielding them from harm with their bodies, and…

Cinemark Bills Colorado Theater Shooting Victims $700K in Legal Fees

Cinemark Bills Colorado Theater Shooting Victims $700K in Legal Fees -- Cinemark is seeking compensation for court costs after being declared not responsible for the 2012 Aurora shooting. --