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Grab this free set of 20 frame playing cards and learn more about a quick and fun game for working on combinations of 10 & 20.


***FREE*** A set of BIG Christmas theme number flashcards 0-20, plus a set of 10-frame flashcards, 0-20 - for centers, individual work, and small group teaching. They can used for matching, sequencing, subitizing, recognition, and memory, concentration and snap games.


Freebie - Counting Practice : Stamping Ten Frames to 20. Students are presented with blank ten frames and a number from one to twenty. Students use daubers to fill in the ten frames according to the number on the page.


I hope you enjoy this freebie! The samples are from two of my math packets. The first page is from my Numbers 1-10 packet and the second page is from my Numbers 11-20 packet. If you would like to get both packets you can purchase the Numbers 1-20 bundle packet which contains both at a discounted price!!!


Freebie: Need a quick way to assess student's knowledge of numbers 11-20? Students will practice matching numbers and number words with this quick and easy assessment. All you need are a set of bingo dot markers and you are ready to go! If you have an question please email me BEFORE purchasing You may also be interested in checking out other packs like this: Alphabet Spy Number Spy 1-10 Number Spy 11-20

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What is the 70:20:10 Model for Performance Improvement All About?

70:20:10 model of performance improvement Many world-class global brands have adopted this model. This is because it does not confine the ambit of learning to educational institutions. It divides the learning and development of an employee in the ratio of 70:20:10. This framework is a learning and development model which is based on ongoing research and observation.