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How to Clean Between Glass Oven Doors

How to Clean Between Glass Oven Doors ~ Remove the oven drawer, wrap one end of a THIN LONG branch in a paper towel, secure with duct tape, dip in Windex and squeeze out excess liquid, lie on the floor on your back, insert the stick up through the BOTTOM of the oven door between the 2 glass panes, and wipe in a windshield wiper motion until the spill is GONE! Whew!

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Played this for years... Skip- person skipped drinks Draw 2- person drinks 2 Draw 4 wild- The person laying down cards can pick 4 any variation of 4 people to drink Wild you pick one person to drink Reverse the person next on reverse drinks UNO- everyone else drinks

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10 Drinking Games for 2 People (defiantly need this for our getting ready together nights) eh B!!

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10 simple games for two people to get drunk! No cop-outs like movie games (drink when ____ says ____ is overdone!). Only 1 requires cards.

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20 Fun 2-Player Games for Date Night

Date night is so important in a relationship and playing games is even better! Use these 20 games for your next date night and make it extra special.

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If your looking for 2 person drinking games than we have fun drinking games, drinking games without cards, drunk videos and drunk pictures. Two person drinking.

The "Outlander" Drinking Game That You Want And Need

The "Outlander" Drinking Game That You Want And Need

If only i had a friend that liked both Outlander and drinking.....near 70 bottles of wine, 20 bottles of whiskey...and more than a few bottles of Mead....hell i bet we could find Outlander themed drinks or invent our own.

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