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If you thought of being a beautiful boho bride makes you smile then you absolutely should look to the decade that's the epitome of bohemian romance and that's the 1970s. So, let's take our inspiration from that free spirited decade and turn ourselves into bridal beatniks...

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70s wedding dress / 1970s wedding dress / Pearl by BreanneFaouzi. It's quite perfect. I'm serious, I would totally wear this. I wish fashion in this age wasn't so overly revealing and trampy looking. I belong in a different decade!

For some reason most of us who got married in the craziness of the 70s wanted to cover everything up on our wedding day. . . .lol

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70s wedding dress / 1970s wedding dress / Candela by BreanneFaouzi...If I could get married again, I would get married in this dress. It is absolutely gorgeous.

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