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1) Feathered 70's Disco Hairstyles. 2) Natural 70's Hairstyles For Long Hair. 3) Long Curly Perm 1970's Hairstyle. 4) 70's Long Braided Hair Style. 5) Afro Affrican 70's Hairstyles And Makeup. 6) Cornrow 1970's Hairstyles For Women. 7) 70's Long Straight Haircut. 8) Birkin Bangs Hair Style. 9) Platinum Blonde Bob 1970's Haircut. 10) 70's Rock 'n' Roll Black Feathered Hair.

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Trends in 1970s Women’s Vintage Inspired Hairstyles

1970’s Hairstyles The 1970s were almost as wild and free as the 1960s, maybe more so if you add in the addition of Disco and all its trappings. It seemed to be more a way of life than just a type of music i.e.; the hairstyles, clothing and make-up-in a way the Disco of the[Read the Rest]

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29 Stunning Vintage Wedding Hairstyles

In this look you can see the model is styling a simple winged eyeliner and pale peach lips which don't take away from the eyes which are the focus point of the face.

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