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Neat Idea... ihaveaskinnydream: I outlined my body from my starting photo and put it on top of my current photo so I could see my progress in a new way. I think it came out very interesting. From 180 to 150. It really shows how weight comes off everywhere. omg doing this when I reach 130lbs ^same. This is amazing :) good idea too! and i’m gonna do it now you know how many people are gonna do this?!

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I lost 150 lbs in just one year! Find out how I did it and how others are losing up to 16 lbs a week, click the picture to find out how to Lose Weight By Eating!

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2 years - down 150 lbs - clean eating & exercise This is a dramatic, and realistic for me, before and after. None of this I wanna lose ten pounds crap. I need to lose more than 100.

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You still think working out and eating healthy doesn't work? Follow @adry_bella and her journey to see how she lost 150 lbs all NATURAL and on her own! @adry_bella @adry_bella @adry_bella

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I lost 150 lbs in ONE YEAR! I will show you how to do it FOR FREE! All I ask is that you PIN NOW AND READ LATER. <3 Lose Weight By Eating <3

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Body Weight Workouts for Women | All women weight 150 Each Woman Weighs 150 Lbs volleyball

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Great Insanity inspiration! Her before pic she weighted 150 lbs and her after 130 lbs... and she's a mommy of 1! Gotta get back on my insanity workout regimen!

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Stephanie lost 150 lbs with Jazzercise and was featured in @People Magazine!!

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