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143 Meaning

Are you ready for your fairy tale? Yes? Well, then run and fetch your crown, dust off your glass shoes, and put on your best smile on your face whenever you'll leave the house, for you never know when you're going to meet your Prince, he might be just around the corner, so be ready................. <3 Angela from


Doll made of wood, gofun, silk, natural hair, crystal . 17th century, Kyoto, Japan. This puppet, called “Odairi Sama,” represents a prince and is used in the puppet festival called “Hinamatsuri." National Museum of Anthropology , Japan From as far back as the Edo period, a festival called Hinamatsuri (Hina means puppet and Matsuri means festival) has been celebrated in Japan, in which families lay out puppets and dolls on domestic altars for the purpose of praying for the health and growth…

143 behind my ear, took only a couple minutes to do and I could hardly feel it! 143 means I love you, its the number of letters in the words. 143 is my number, and has shown up in tons of places in my life, even my math homework! My nickname is even b143. My boyfriend and I use 143 as a little inside way of telling each other that we love one another. And I also just found out my dad and step-mom used 1437, I love you forever, as a code between themselves, and my great-grandparents who I


143 means I Love You Square Canvas Pillow

143 means I Love You Square Canvas Pillow> 143 means I Love You> Victory Ink Tshirts and Gifts


143 means I Love You Mens Wallet

143 means I Love You Mens Wallet> 143 means I Love You> Victory Ink Tshirts and Gifts

Don't exactly know what 143 means but I like the placement. 143 means I love you also 831 means eight letters three words one meaning. Sweet !!

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143 Means I Love You - Red black and White Quote- 8x10 Multi Colored Canvas Textured Art Print - Made by artstudio54 on