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I had something to prove – to myself. Since May 2008, I have lost 130 pounds, and I am incredibly proud of myself.

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This side-by-side Instagram post proves weight is just a number

Weighing in at 145 pounds a mere eight weeks after having a baby, she decided that her goal weight was going to be…

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Searching for more diet regimen as well as weight management class like these? Make an effort This for even more recommendations.

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130 Pounds Lost: Lifestyle Makeover

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6 Effective Ways To Control Your Appetite

Healthy Weight... Oh thank goodness I'm within my healthy range. Learn more about our Vegan Certified, GMO, gluten free, dairy free, artificial flavors and sweeteners free protein powder, Fiber Boost, Fizz Sticks, vitamins, plus more!

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5’3” Before: 160 lbs Goal: 132-130 lbs Current: 126 lbs September 2013- January 2014 Completely changing my eating habits with occasinal exercise.

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