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reproduction shoes. Novgorod. Mid 12 th century. Leather, linen.

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Glendalough was established by St Kevin in the 6th century. It was sacked time and again by the Vikings, but survived for over 600 years. Today most buildings and ruins date from 8th to 12 th century.

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Djenne Terracotta Sculpture of a Seated Woman - PF.3708 Origin: Central Mali Circa: 12 th Century AD to 14 th Century AD Collection: African

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Fritz Witt SS-Sturmbannführer, Waffen SS (left) in staff car examines map, Russia, March 1943.

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Church of Asinou The famous Byzantine church of Asinou, Cyprus (a UNESCO World Heritage site), has some of the finest examples of Byzantine wall painting on the island. The church dates to the early 12th century and the murals inside date from the 12th century to the 17th century.

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