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Magic Tree House "Day of the Dragon King" worksheets


Peter Jackson Admits Why The Hobbit Trilogy Was a Mess

Peter Jackson Admits Why ‘The Hobbit’ Trilogy Was a Mess -- Director Peter Jackson reveals he didn't have enough time to prepare for ‘The Hobbit’ trilogy, after Guillermo del Toro backed out as director. --

Rep. Peter King Is Fed up With Rand Paul: ‘He Doesn’t Deserve To be in the United States Senate’ 1/6/14 *peter king is the one that DOESN'T belong in the US Senate! Rand Paul is standing up for Americans Constitutional Rights. HEY NY - vote your idiot RINO out of office!


Smaugy New Trailer, Gandalf’s Potty Mouth and 5 Other ‘Hobbit’ Fan Event Discoveries

Gandalf Has a Potty Mouth and 6 Other ‘Hobbit’ Fan Event Discoveries: 1. Gandalf Goes Off. Yup, that's Gandalf... cursing! (From Peter Jackson)