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Husqvarna Viking Walking Foot 4122804-01 Fits Group 1 & 2, #1, #1+, 990S & More

1 2 inch Binder Foot 4126550 01 Viking | eBay

Celtic Snake Ornament 1.5 Inch Binders by Chrome Dreaming An ornate celtic snake shield rendered in gold, brass and glass inlays. In celtic folklore the snake is a symbol of transformation and rebirth as snakes shed their skins. Also snakes are cunning, secretive and mysterious, giving them a connection to the underworld. The fish on the design are a loose triqueta, as triquetas are derived from Ichthys merging at the head.


Yoobi x Usher 1 Inch Binder with D-Rings - Black Lines with blue and green paint drip. Great for a back to school gift!