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a woman holding a lemon in her right hand while sitting next to a pitcher filled with water
This Simple Habit Change Could Be the Key to Optimal Health
two young women standing next to each other on the beach
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an old typewriter with the words i am mine before i am ever anyone else's in
aesthetics 🪐
aesthetics 🌿(requests closed 😔) — |Aesthetic| Aquarius Sun / Aquarius Mercury /...
a dog is looking up at the camera with a caption above it that reads, hey so you accidentally left me on read
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🧚🏻🧚🏻🧚🏻 on Instagram: “Mariposa-Peach Tree Rascals FOLLOW: @styleinsqo for more like this🧚🏻” Night Street, Bff Goals, Vintage Grunge, Best Friend Goals, Teenager Outfits, Friend Photoshoot, Indie Kids
🧚🏻🧚🏻🧚🏻 on Instagram: “Mariposa-Peach Tree Rascals FOLLOW: @styleinsqo for more like this🧚🏻”
a handwritten note with the words please don't forget me and all the things we did
loving these stupid bad dreams and thoughts. it’s just so fucking wonderful. god im so upset and scared.
a polar bear wrapped in white paper with the caption, this is an image of a polar bear wrapped in toilet paper
Create little rituals that makes you feel happy and present for the moment, no matter what your day was like.
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a man taking a photo with his cell phone while standing on the side of a road
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a label that says i am complete, but not finished on the back of a sweater