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16 Reasons Beekeeping is Awesome (and Why You Should Do it Too!)

Beekeeping is an awesome experience, and not just for the honey. After you read these 16 reasons, you& want to become a beekeeper too.

The Tattooed Beekeeper's Wife

Interesting and attractive infographic despite the glaring spelling, grammatical and puctuation errors.

Great shelving ideas for inside your Grandio Elite Greenhouse. Photo from a happy customer in Ohio.

Grandio Elite Greenhouse interior shelving and flooring design ideas. As you can see ventilation is key to a healthy greenhouse.

Mosaic birdbath

The Alhambra Sky is a unique handcrafted mosaic birdbath, made to order by Cathleen Newsham.

mosaic birdbath- this page has a lot of info on how to mosaic.

prior pin: Artist Lyn Richards sent me some pictures of the mosaic bird bath she made this past summer, and it is worth showing off. The floral design and the colors used in the mosaic were inspired by Van Go…