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a lit candle sitting in a white bowl filled with moss
A coloured Ostara egg as a votive holder. Perfect for an Ostara altar! Best to minimize the fluff underneath...
an image of some type of symbols in red ink on a black background with the words,
Alchemical symbols
an old manuscript with the sun above it and two men holding swords in front of them
Rose Briar
Alchemical scroll, England, s. XVI
the table has many different symbols and numbers on it, including letters that spell out their names
Tarot and Kabbalistic Sacred Geometry - J.S. Kupperman
association of letters, signs and cards
The White Witch Lady, Portraits, Princesses, Queen, Goddess, Nature Goddess, Witchy, Headpiece, Headpieces
The White Witch
a woman in white fur coat standing next to tall grass
The Butterfly Collector
Ice queen denise grunstein
a woman is standing in the snow holding a shawl
there is a wreath made out of branches and birds
A Cosplay, Costumes, Fantasy Photography, Fantasy, Female, Oc, Winter Fairy
two candles are sitting in the snow covered ground
Get your design fix…
a woman sitting next to a white wolf
Стивен Кляйн (Steven Klein) - биография, фотографии, книги
The Anastasia Of Winter Outfits, Fashion, Model, Style, Women, Winter Princess, Russian Fashion, Dress, Outfit
the anastasia of winter: lindsey wixson by emma summerton for vogue japan december 2013
The Anastasia Of Winter