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Leo (VIXX) + Kyungsoo (Exo) = world destruction====I love baek-street-byun she's on tumblr you should look her up she's hilarious

Leo (VIXX) + Kyungsoo (Exo) = world destruction << With a ship name like Taekwondo. You should be scared!

They have a plan. That's, like, half the journey. ["We need to learn English.." | allkpop Meme Center]

That's, like, half the journey. ["We need to learn English.

They'd make more deadly couple than mr&mrs Smith because they can kill you with just their deadly glares.

Especially considering the fact that D. will play a killer in an upcoming film!

JUST WAIT, D.O. WILL GROW<---- He be CREEPIN over Sehun's shoulder XD

Me standing next to my best female friend and all of my guy friend

A mistake that i don't regret. :)<----I hope that I listen to kpop for many more years and I hope I will cherish it as much as I do now.

Yes I made a mistake. a very big mistake. but I'm having fun so haha!

But all VIXX members are like 180cm+

Damn I forgot all VIXX members are like over Jesus and I thought everyone was just small xD

It's kinda cruel xD

Luhan is still famous, he plays flute XD