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Hand-built wood tables topped with linen runners. Bright and bold vintage rugs. Statement-making island lights. You'll find it all and more.
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Fridge Magnets
How many magnets is too many? Asking for a friend.
Drew Barrymore's Gift Pick
Shop Drew Barrymore's gifting pick for your friend that loves to host a dinner party ✨
Square Green Concrete Sink
When two hands transform powder and water into a beautiful sink, but with a French touch 🇫🇷 How many pounds of material do you think Etsy seller betonparnature uses in a day? 🤔 concrete sink, home decor, kitchen remodel, kitchen sink
Spice Rack Organization
Runs to organize spice rack~ Spice labels from Etsy shop spiceluxe Drawer organizer from Etsy shop imageworksva spice rack, kitchen organization, drawer organization, wood shelves, herb organization
Hosting Tips
Three tips for a stress-free hosting a dinner party from Oliviaa Mcdowell 🍽️ Find her picks on Etsy dinner party, hosting tips, host tips, dinner party tip, table setting
Romanticizing the 3 Beverages Trend
Why not add a little romance to your daily routine with these stunning glasses from Etsy ✨ kitchen aesthetic, vintage glasses, glassware, drink ideas, cocktail night, dinner party, date night ideas
Spring Kitchen Organization
If only all spring cleaning was this satisfying. Find these modern, minimal labels from Etsy shop Dwellingco . • kitchen restock, kitchen organization, spring cleaning, spring organization, pantry organization, pantry labels, baking recipes •
Must-Have Ceramic Herb Stripper 🌿
The kitchen hack we can't get enough of. Getting one of these handmade herb strippers from Etsy seller JulietteDavin for everyone we know 🌿 . • herb garden, herb tips, kitchen tips, cooking tips, recipes, DIY herbs •
Minimalist Ceramic Pottery
Slow down with us as we take a peek inside this casting process from Etsy seller ConvivialProduction ✨ Explore the shop: . • modern ceramics, modern kitchen designs, minimalist designs, minimalist ceramics •
Pantry Wallpaper Decor ☁️
Look no further than TrueHome’s pantry for your new year decor inspiration. Wallpaper from Etsy shop Mayflower Wallpaper ❤️ . • Pantry organization, pantry design, pantry organization ideas, pantry wallpaper, pantry shelving ideas, wallpaper decor, wallpaper inspiration, kitchen tips •
DIY Napkin Tree Folding Tutorial
Impress your guests with folded napkins for their place settings with this tutorial from Etsy seller April Notes 🌲 . • DIY, napkin place setting, napkin folding, table setting, holiday gathering, holiday tablescape, table decor, living room decor •
Table Setting Decor: Linen Napkins
Impress your guests by styling your table setting with these elegant handmade linen napkins. Find yours from Etsy seller IsabellaMaide. Which style option do you prefer? . • table setting, table decorations, table, table design, tablescapes, table decor, linen, linen napkins, napkin folding, napkin folding ideas