Designers who promote fair trade and ethical fashion.
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A Cult Following
Kirsty Hume by Annabel Mehran for Awaveawake
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The Slow Fashion Movement: 10 Brands That Are Doing it Right
Slow Clothing -- “Slow fashion addresses the relationship human beings have with clothes which can actually be really positive–the right garment on a cold day, for instance, or the way we do hold onto certain things in our wardrobe, certain items we want to stay with us,” Clark said. “It’s about reconnecting with our clothes, rather than viewing them as quick trends or throwaway items,”
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Stella McCartney
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kenyan artists / karen walker / ethical fashion initiative
Karen Walker x Ethical Fashion Initiative -  cute idea Karen Walker Sunglasses, Fashion Ads, High Fashion Models, Four Eyes, Sunglasses & Glasses, Ad Campaign
Karen Walker x Ethical Fashion Initiative - cute idea
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Official Website
'This is not charity, this is work'- Vivienne Westwood is producing some of her clothing line in Kenya, as a part of the Ethical Fashion initiative #ethicalbrand
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Conscious Couture Collections
The Vivienne Westwood Ethical Fashion Africa Line is Revolutionary #ecofriendly #fashion