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How to Make a Treasure Box Out of Construction Paper thumbnail

How to Make a Treasure Box Out of Construction Paper. Encourage the kids to set aside their keepsakes in a classic treasure box. Made with construction paper, this treasure box is a perfect place to hide your little pirate's booty.

Matthew 19:16-30; Mark 10:17-31; Luke 18:18-30: The Rich Young Ruler; Camel Stand-Up Paper Craft

standup animals camels step Camel Stand Up Paper Toy Model to Print Out Craft for Kids

The Bible story from Mathew 7:24-27 Parable of the talents

This is a video some friends and I made for a school Bible Project. It's a modern day version of "The Parable of the Talents"

Cute Father's Day Coloring Page! / in His Grace: Summer Series 2013 (Week Two)

I have a fun activity print-out for you this week! Just in time for Father's Day! I formatted it so it will print as an 8 x perfect fo.