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wind chime

How to Make a Wind Chime — Organic clay shapes strung up on branches make for beautiful art that brings melody and movement to the garden. Use polymer clay

sea glass

DIY Sea Glass Mirror - This would be awesome for the in laws FL house!

How to make your own 'sea glass'

Make Your Own Sea Glass from used glass bottles, etc. - easy and fun to do - You can use it make your own jewelry, mosaics, or whatever! Okay this s not really sea glass, but tumbled glass.

sea glass table top

Sea-Glass-Tiled Tray or Tabletop ---- Bits of sea glass introduce organic shapes to mosaic tiles in a tray or a geometric tile arrangement on a table. Because they're plentiful, bright bottle-green shards are ideal for large crafts.

Simple step-by-step wire wrapping for sea glass

Beach glass, or sea glass, is one of the prettiest pieces of garbage you’ll ever see. I am lucky to live on Cape Breton Island in the Atlantic Ocean and I’m able to collect my own beach…

How to wrap sea glass tutorial

How to Wire Wrap Sea Glass - Tutorial Jewelry

for drilling holes in rocks and shells....

dremel 300 series set includes: dremel polishing compound, dremel cut off wheels, sanding drum, 401 and 403 Mandrels, and 150 drill bit.

sea glass

DIY: Sea-Glass Earrings - Martha Stewart Crafts - how to drill holes into seaglass

How to drill hole in Sea Glass #DIY

SEAGLASS TECNIQUE: Tools and Materials Sea-glass shards/ Plastic container of water/ Safety glasses/ Pencil/ Craft drill, such as Stylus rotary tool kit by Dremel, from Lowe's/ No. 61 drill bit, from Metalliferous.

White Tree, how to paint a tree simple abstract art painting techniques by Peter Dranitsin

Another great video from Pete!