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a printable drink list with instructions for drinking
an image of funny things to ask in a text box with the words 52 funny things to ask
52 funny things to ask Siri list
two minion characters with the caption for men who think a woman's place is in the kitchen, just remembers that there the knives are kept
Cool Minion pics (04:03:31 PM, Monday 10, October 2016 PDT) - 66 pics - Minion Quotes
Women belong in the kitchen funny women life minionquote
an image of stitcher with the quote starting tomorrow, whatever life throws at me, i'm ducking so it hits someone else
the words i like my coffee how i like my self dark, bitter, and too hot for you
75 Best Sassy Savage Quotes For When You're In A Mood
"I like my coffee how I like myself: Dark, bitter and too hot for you"
the text is written in white on a black and white background, with vertical lines
450 Would You Rather Questions - The best list out there
A seriously long list of would you rather questions! #learnenglish
a woman standing on top of a beach next to the ocean with text saying, i'm the person who's 100 % down for spotaneous adventures but also
Both are amazing.
a pink background with the words teenage post 11 006 stuck between 1 really want to talk to you and i don't want to annoy
Stuck between "I really want to talk to you" and "I don't want to annoy you"
the tweet has been posted to someone who is trying to fix their conversation
actually when i do get the courage to say something first it usually goes fine (sometimes even good!)
the man is talking to someone about something on his tv screen, and then he's telling him that he doesn't
Two kinda of people: Eddie Redmayne sounds resigned to the fact that he is even saying it, Benedict Cumberbatch totally owns it
an iphone screen with the message'7 26'on it, and another text that reads
They're asking deep existential questions:
They’re asking deep existential questions: | 26 Pictures That Prove Parents Are Definitely Evolving
a woman in white tank top with text saying 4 reasons women take so long in the shower
Im replacing the cold soul part with waiting for goosebumps to leave so i can shave my legs, and then yes point on ME!!!!:-)
a large dinosaur standing on top of a bed in a room
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
Not sure why I find this so funny hahaha
a dog is looking at the camera with a garlic on top of it's head
Funny Pictures Of The Day - 46 Pics
- ̗̀Name: @LePeanut ̖́-
a black and white poster with words on it
15 Kids Were Asked Questions About Marriage And Love. Their Answers Are Hilarious.
Quotes from kids on marriage...pretty much the best thing ever! Lol ...Heck, I don't know whether to leave this under "Humor" or put it under "Brilliant Words." These kids are dialed in!