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the 30 day writing challenge for kids
Fun Writing Prompts for Kids: 30 Day Kids Writing Challenge
an advertisement for the children's choirs by age program on blue sky background
Kids chores by age chart - Daily and weekly cleaning tasks for kids from toddlers to teens, to earn allowance, get life skills, and help out at home. (home crafts for kids)
the fun and easy times tables for kids to play with are perfect for learning numbers
Mastering Multiplication!
11 Fun Ways to Teach Times Tables! Mastering multiplication facts is such an important skill in elementary. If students can master the basics, all other math concepts are so much easier to learn. Check out these engaging, effective and fun ways to build strong foundational skills for future learning.
an image of a table with numbers and times for each place in the sudi
How To Teach Multiplication Tables 7 Ways
How To Teach Multiplication Tables 7 Ways - Top Notch Teaching
a father's day card made to look like a tree
Fathers Day Canvas of handprints
two pictures with words on them that say it's bedtime and do something
Magnetic Chore Flip Chart
a bowl filled with food sitting on top of a table next to green cubes
Glow in the Dark Crunchy Slime with Perler Beads
How to make glow in the dark slime with perler beads
a multicolored chart with the numbers 1 - 100 in rainbows and stars
Times Table Chart 1-100 Printable | Activity Shelter
Times Table Chart 1-100 Printable | Activity Shelter
the printable worksheet for primary school students to practice their handwriting and writing skills
Four Ways to Help Kids Sit Through Church Plus a Free Printable PDF
It's tough teaching kids how to sit still and be reverent during church. I've physically carried a screaming child out of a church service more than once - and I'm the pastor's wife. Here are 4 tried and true ways to help kids make the transition from the nursery to big church without electronics!
a poster with the words, 30 questions to ask your child to get to know their heart
30 Questions To Ask Your Kids to Get To Know Their Heart — Symphony of Praise
Download your printable PDF to know child’s heart
there are four plastic containers with plants in them
Repurposed (Recycled) Pop Bottle Propagators
Repurposed (Recycled) Pop Bottle Propagators by GreenScaper, via Flickr
a child's shirt with a red truck on it and buttons all over the front
100th day of school shirt. 100 days & crushin’ it!