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the painting is blue and has white lines on it, as well as a crescent
Bathing Woman, 1925 - Joan Miro - WikiArt.org
Joan Miro (1893 - 1983) | Surrealism | Bathing Woman - 1925
an abstract painting with black, red and blue shapes on it's side by itself
Joan Miró | Rouge et bleu (1960) | MutualArt
Artwork by Joan Miró, Rouge et bleu, Made of lithograph
a painting of a cat with a bird on it's back
Joan Miro. Cat
an abstract painting with blue and white shapes, including a deer standing in the middle
Miro's Circus Horse
The Circus Horse, Miro, at the Art Institute of Chicago
an art project with different colored squares and pictures on it, including the words joan miro
Rendez-nous la Joconde ! - La gazette de Pétronille
the logo for an art gallery with a red and blue sailboat on it's side
four squares with different drawings on them sitting on top of a tiled floor next to each other
Miró para niños
an abstract painting with different colors and shapes on white paper, framed in wood frame
Collectable Prints Posters & Wall Art Prints | AllPosters.com
Collectable Prints Print at AllPosters.com
an image of different shapes and sizes on a white background with the words le repertoires des formes de mirro
Arts visuels-à la manière … – Page 5
a printable game for kids to play with the numbers and symbols in each letter
10 Awesome Joan Miro Projects for Kids
an abstract painting with blue, yellow and red shapes on white paper next to a starfish
JOAN MIRÓ (1893-1983), Plate 9 from: Càntic del Sol | Christie's