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Cactus Cupcakes! I have no idea when I would need use for these...but I love them!! How cute!

Alana Jones-Mann’s DIY: House Plant Cupcakes (photo) were the first to prick our interest when we saw them last week, so we went on a quest for more cactus cupcake photos. (Alana, by the way, is unsurpassed in capturing the […]

if only I lived somewhere snowy at christmas

You can create this Christmas Township Candle Jar using mason jars from Evolve Lifestyle! This quick and easy candle jar that will look amazing when illuminated at night.

simple but effective

Though it still has some days before Christmas, you think a right time to think about choosing the Christmas gifts? We suggest that you DIY Christmas gifts instead of buying them in the shops because DIY projects can save money as well a

Can me and Mylo go scuba diving too...? #scuba #diving #scubadiving #scubagear #scubadogs #divegear

Majestic Diving Photography that will Give You Scuba Thirst Scuba Diver Dogs - for no other reason than they're just cute. Who doesn't love cute dogs in scuba gear?