THE STORY We are archaeologists digging for arti­facts in nearby rural areas. We work together to unearth as many old and new artifacts from different historical periods. When our Collection Bins are full, we head back to the Museum to assess our finds.

lets go digging co operative board game

The players are a team trying for the Summit. They share equipment, plan their strategies and handle whatever troubles come. Easy card symbols allow younger players to join the older ones. Complicated maneuvers challenge the older. Start at Base Camp, move along with Picks, Ropes, Crampons, etc., past the Snowslides, watching for Frostbite and crippling Snow Blindness! Actual mountain photos form the playboard.

Mountaineering co- operative family friendly board game by family past times. Work together to reach the summit safely.

A values oriented, moral dilemma game of discussion and evaluation of challenges that an individual encounters from childhood to old age. The situations and questions appear on cards with choices to make. Players can create their own responses and more situations to enter into the game.

A values oriented, moral dilemma game of discussion & evaluation of challenges that an individual encounters from childhood to old age.

Often we form first impressions of each other based on what someone likes or dislikes, or how they look or speak. This game, in a non-competitive, relaxed and friendly format, allows players to describe these first impressions using the Special Idea Cards provided. The Cards are sometimes serious, sometimes playful and humorous. Always thought-provoking.

first impressions co operative board game

All living things are connected in very deep ways.When something good is done, everyone gains & when something harmful is done, we all lose out, with more troubles & a loss of precious Life Force. This game thus nurtures imagination, listening, self-expression, collaboration & clear thinking, using a story-telling format. The setting is Science Fictional, the issues everyday & real, tackled with role-playing, values discussions, dialoguing, problem solving as well as creative writing.

not an island co operative board game

Children are divided into simulated social groups (tribes, nations, etc.) Each group gets World Problem Cards and a share of Solution Cards. Through discussion, trade agreements, world councils, the players try to solve all the problems facing them. The debriefing session at the end allows for everyone to learn from each other. Our most popular group game! Good for repeated use.

Children work together to solve world and human problems. This can be played by up to 36 players - which means a whole class. It sounds like it could also be used in PSHE/SEAL lessons

Sailing is a challenge, demanding the best effort from everyone on the crew. Each of us has a supply of Action Cards that we share with each other. We use them to advance the boat, negotiate Strong Currents and High Winds, while trying to avoid Rocks and Reefs. In each game, the location of the Reefs is different. We must keep a Seadog's eye out for potential Breakdowns that could ground us. Save the Coast Guard cards in case we need to be rescued. Or else we could end up being adrift at…

Cooperative Game of Sailing Challenge and Teamwork, Let's Go Sailing

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