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Pen & Ink Depictions of Trees Sprouting into Animals by Alfred Basha

Pen & Ink Depictions of Trees Sprouting into Animals by Alfred Basha. Kinda like the bird/tree image as a tattoo.

This DIY camera has 20 lenses, can take a massive pile of photos in one shot | TechHive

What's cooler than a multi-cell pinhole camera? How about a multi-cell pinhole camera upgraded to a lensed version? That's exactly what James Guerin has pu

Pinhole Cameras That You Can Build At Home

“Peyote” - - - About this project: Corbis, the big stock-photo agency, saw the Readymech project and wanted something similar of their own. Corbis Readymech Cameras are flat-pack paper pinhole cameras.

Pinhole photograph made from a folded paper "camera" by Thomas Hudson Reeve

Photographer Thomas Hudson Reeve shoots pinhole photographs in a pretty interesting way -- rather than using photo-sensitive paper or film inside a separat

Coconut bread – Recipes – Bite

Coconut bread - Cakes & Baking - Dessert - Food & recipes - Recipes - New Zealand Woman's Weekly

Polish Tattoo Artist Shows The Beauty Of Imperfection With Her Sketch Tattoos (10+ Pics) | Bored Panda

Where some see unfinished and imperfect lines, Polish tattoo artist Inez Janiak sees an art form. She mostly uses black ink, which makes her pieces look bold