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Taylor Swift:The Complete Eras Megamix by Joseph James pt.6
a green dog sitting in the grass with its head on it's back and words that say pov the last great american dynasy
the girls who get it, get it, the girls who don’t, dont 😘
a woman wearing a dress with the words when taylor said i wouldn't marry me either
speaking facts
a woman reaching up into the air with her arms in the air and text happy salt air month
an advertisement for taylor swift's new album is shown on the screen, and it appears
a woman with long blonde hair is looking down at her face and the words people are allowed
taylor swift reputation whisper
a person walking through a forest with the words happy day folkloree
she is my fav album<33 #mine #whisper #taylorswift #swiftie #folklore #folklorealbum
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the tweet has been posted to someone about their tv first or 1989 tv? no way
3 TV IN ONE YEAR??!???
those innocent eyes…
Taylor The Eras Tour Fun Facts by Swifties Updates
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