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xD ^^^ Oh, Toby! XD

You guys,Toby made s'mores. You all know you want s'mores.<<<<<<<<<<<< WHAT IS A S'MORE?<<<<<<<<<heaven<<<Dude, I would start a forest fire for s'mores!


"Lock me up, chain me down, but you will never turn my smile into a frown." -Jeff the Killer. Jeff the Killer quotes.

I love this XD

Jeff The Killer/Adventure Time GIF (I'm actually not the biggest creepy pasta fan, but this was to awesome)


I believe that my dearest friends from all over would get along if they met each other. We are all part of the same crazy weirdo tribe and attract each other and connect right away!


Even with all my imperfections and bad habits, and other issues in life. I STILL WANT TO BE ME. I thank God every day I'm not a horrible person like you.


So true. You have made me so sad, feel so worthless that I no longer go to the classes I love because I am worried about what people think about me because of the lies you have told. I am a strong woman and you have made me feel broken.


Mark Twain Truth Quote: "If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything. Share the wit and wisdom of Mark Twain.