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I love the end! "Explain this sh*t!" "It's a long story, Nii-san!"

I love the end! Explain this sh*t! It's a long story, Nii-san! Watch your favorite anime series online

Naruto. My question is why Naruto is with Kiba and Hinata.

My question is why Naruto is with Kiba and Hinata. << they went on a mission with shino, should be around episodes ?

Seguindo os passos de seus mestres ❤ Mais

Next Three Legendary Shinobi -Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura. I literally fangirl squealed when they simultaneously did that summoning!


NARUTO - Sasuke wants to be Hokage. Yeah and ill spread wings fly to Japan and shake kishimotos hand personally for this troll action. Biggest Facepalm ever. All jokes aside predicted this would happen (Oh my LOL)

Sasuke deu um grande passo no caso de familia minha reação quando vi que sasuke tinha uma familia,WHATA FUCK!!!

This is the complete family right here. Just needs a few more Saradas hahahaha

-El porno del cielo es Oro :3

Oh, Pervy Sage. You are dearly missed.Even in heaven your still a pervert