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the sun is setting over some water
two people walking on the beach in front of mountains and water at dusk with low clouds
the full moon is reflected in the water
Mikael's Playground
the sun is setting over water with reeds
Abend am See
the sun is setting behind some trees in the water
a lone tree stands in the middle of a body of water with mountains in the background
🌈 𝐑.𝐀𝐡𝐦𝐞𝐝 🇧🇩 on X
there is a waterfall in the middle of a river with water coming out of it
5+ Very Best Day Trips from Luxembourg You Must Take | solosophie
the full moon shines brightly in the dark night sky over some flowers and leaves
I don't think I should stay up past midnight, The tears and overwhelming feelings of sadness engulf me then, It's like they spend the day circling, attempting to pierce through, But distractions and life blocks them out, But as the veil of midnight settles in, so does the self doubt and fear They circle the room and gnaw away so quickly, I'm left defenseless, Then the tears flow Sometimes silently, sometimes with a sob But they flow nonetheless, It's like the darkness of the outdoors f