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Emma Carson
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"Breathe and release anything that does not deserve you." This is a great quote that can help you prepare for the beauty pageant. You have to release things like stress and hurtful levels of competition in order to do your best.

highlight and contour

The RIGHT way to contour- it should look like war paint before you blend it, not like you slathered white or dark brown makeup on every inch of your face- if you do that, you end up looking more matte than natural.more of a mask than a face.

Healthy Fast Food Options.

Lunch at Chipotle ♡ My favorite! I would seriously eat there everyday if my hubby let me


Think brunette means boring? Brunette long hairstyles are so versatile and brown hair looks perfect in an updo or worn long and loose. If.

Love love this hair color and length so perfect! Alessandra Ambrosio hair color and hair style is what I am aiming for once I can get my hair to grow out. Only for a few more inches until it is long enough