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the cover art for yoyo's new album, yoyo - yoyo
VOYAGE Title Design
the word legit is written in white on a black background
A Typeface Inspired by Legal Briefs That Challenges the Justice System
there is a keychain and some items in the package on top of a table
Minji newjeans
an anime character is talking to someone on her phone, with the caption'it's love, it's romance what are you talking about? '
rentry 🎀 inspo
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rentry inspo
an image of a website page with anime characters on the front and back pages, in pink
☆ not mine!
an image of some type of poster with different colors and font on the back side
an advertisement with headphones on it for the company's new music album, curious
the words dream house written in black on a yellow background
171172964_379540146427754_8678285393943113926_n.jpg? |
some type of graffiti written in black and white on a black background with the word's name below it
the poster for exposicon collective's exhibition, which features an image of various letters
POST | is a platform for connecting ideas and building knowledge.
some type of font that is very nice
y2k typography chrome text bevel emboss illustrator photoshop adobe design Collage, Y2k Icon, Y2k Icons, Wallpaper, Y2k Wallpaper, Black Wallpaper, Cyber Aesthetic
y2k typography
Y2k typography first attempt { i do commission )