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Vintage kitchen

vintage everyday: Vintage Housewives – 32 Lovely Photos Show Young Women Working Housework in the

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Here is a few pics I have collected from the internet of vintage housewives. I am simply amazed by the vintage housewife and I believe they .

For your contry's sake today / For your own sake tomorrow | Your library needs YOU! : what would the Save Our Libraries campaign look like through the lens of wartime propaganda? : Phil Bradley found messages of individual responsibility and collective endeavour in posters from the first and second world wars / Phil Bradley | @guardianbooks | #thelibrary

The "call to arms" posters directed towards women fascinate me, not least because there are women in my family who served in various facets (military and civilian) of the war effort.

You'll Be Happy Too Poster, 1944

WAVES Recruiting poster - I did so want to join the Nave beginning around 1958 and through about One of those small regrets.

40's nurse...no nurse is complete without her cape. I love this. My Mama graduated from nursing school in 1945. I have her nursing cap that looks the same as the one in this picture.

Pin Up Girl American Red Cross Nurse WW II Picture Poster Print. (She looks like Cherry Ames)