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Click the gif :) its cute:)

Omg, this is hilarious and sooo relatable to cousins. My sister would be rapunzel, i would be elsa, and we would be laughing at my cousin, who looks like thsi when she sleeps

high school stereotypes - Google Search

high school stereotypes - Google Search

This is beautiful ♡ Dean & Sam trying to put Cas back together.

supernatural team free will castiel dean winchester sam winchester. God this breaks my heart :(

Stannis is Grammar King

Stannis Baratheon: The One True King of Westeros, Lord of Grammar. "it's Baratheon, with an O, you twit!


Funny fact, look at the GOT bloopers where Peter laughs when Jack saying 'Hurry up, this pie is dry'

Scorpio. Dead on!

Astrology: Zodiac Signs Sense of Humor (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo…

This is perfect

These are a few of my favorite things. Doctor who / supernatural / Sherlock / Harry potter / The Lord of the rings / Merlin