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Emily Ritson

Emily Ritson
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'A good dad is always a hero to their kids. Capes just let the world see it a little better.' via huffingtonpost #Dads

Father, son, husband and super hero dad to the rescuse. Just to be with his son. Give dads the equal rights and equality to be a dad. Be hero fight for dads.

Volkswagen Beetle Sphere by Ichwan Noor who used parts of the vehicle as raw materials and combined them with polyester and aluminum to achieve this remarkable effect. #Installation #VW

The Volkswagen “Beetle Sphere” by Ichwan Noor at by Mondecor Gallery during Art Basel 2013 in Hong Kong.credit:Ichwan NoorBeetle Sphere, polyester, real parts from VW beetle x 180 x 180 cmCourtesy of the artist and by Mondecor Gallery.

Watermelon Ice Pops by eatyourselfskinny #Pops #Watermelon #Light

Watermelon Pops: These adorable watermelon ice pops use lime sherbet for the rind of the watermelon and mini chocolate chips for the "seeds." Source: Eat Yourself Skinny