A collection of images that resonate with Emily's debut novel, VICTORY ISLAND. View teaser images with excerpts from the story, inspiration for characters and…
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The one and only deluxe collection of the Victory Island stories. Immerse yourself in Charlotte Darling’s unique and beautiful landscape: feel the sand of isolated beaches beneath your feet, and catch the scent of lupin, salt, and pine on the breeze as the surf roars in the distance. Featuring: Short Story - ONE LAST CUPPA George, an elderly farmer, lives alone on Victory Island. Except for dwindling visits from his granddaughter, Charlotte, and weekly ones from Department of Conservation officer, Ben, he's used to fending for himself and prefers it that way. Tonight though, worries weigh on George's mind: he's concerned for Charlotte who is in a relationship with a man George doesn't trust, and a recent reminder of his own mortality frustrates him. With much to think through, George ma

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Dr. Andrew Preston, lecturer at Dunrobin University Medical School. Has ambitions to be the next dean of the school. Has shaped Charlotte (more than 10 years his junior) to complement the image of himself that he presents to the world. presents as sophisticated, suave, charming. He is also ambitious, opportunistic, and out for number one. He is also a secret keeper.

Andrew Preston, Charlotte’s Partner

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Charlotte (Charlie) Darling, quiet, considerate, controlled. She doesn’t have any sense of self - her life has been subtly controlled by her partner of ten years. The death of her grandfather, and subsequent inheritance of Victory Island, becomes a turning point, a glimpse at a life she could shape for herself, a life she could grab with both hands, if only Andrew Preston would let her. Find more at

Charlotte Darling, Central Character

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Angus Grant, warm, friendly, has a great group of like-minded friends. works only as much as necessary to maintain his home and spends as much time on the beach surfing as he’s able. Looks out for others. Find more at

Gus Grant, New Friend

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Ben Lewis, observant, thoughtful, dutiful, kind. Ben’s family and Charlotte’s were close when they were in their early teens. Ben has remained close with Charlotte’s grandfather who lives on the island across the bay. Ben checks in on George when he’s working as a Department of Conservation ranger on Victory Island. Ben prefers his own company, or that of his family and few close friends. Find more at

Ben Lewis, family friend

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Micah McDonald, the unexpected arrival on Victory Island, passionate outdoorswoman, most comfortable in tramping boots, shorts, and her pack. Un fussed with the opinions of others. Liked by many.

Micah McDonald, Charlotte’s friend

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rope and cleat stair

Setting 1, Kahurangi

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6 Outrageously Cool Luxury Camp Sites in the US - Camille Styles

Setting 2, Victory Island

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Whimsical Garden Wedding Inspiration Shoot

Setting Inspiration

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eric bana

Character Inspiration

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a bed in a tent with two lamps on each side and a bench at the end
6 Outrageously Cool Luxury Camp Sites in the US
6 Outrageously Cool Luxury Camp Sites in the US - Camille Styles
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rope and cleat stair
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