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a drawing of a sign that says not lost but found like to do it on the wall
a drawing of a jar with a quote on it that says, kind of words are like honey to sweet do the sound and feelings to the bones
Proverbs 10:31
a piece of paper with writing on it that says and in the valley i will be dancing for joy
the words waves of merry are written in black ink on a white background with small dots
Waves of mercy, waves of grace
there is a message that says, i am his presence there is fullness of joy
Trust in God ALWAYS
All credit goes to the original creator :)
the words jesus = everything are written in black on a white background with yellow and pink flowers
the words in our waiting, god is working are white against a light green background
the words are written in white on a beige background, and there is an image of a
christian wallpaper