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chicken zucchini poppers with guacamole sauce
Chicken Zucchini Poppers (Gluten-Free, Paleo, Whole30, Keto)
Plan on making a double batch! These Chicken Zucchini Poppers are the best Whole30 dinner out there.
two paintings of city buildings are shown on the wall, one is painted with acrylic paint
Reflections for 2011-12??
Color top half with Crayola markers. Spray bottom half with water. Fold paper and press. Voila!
there are many colorful letters hanging on the wall
On the 9th day of Christmas…
christmas light names - let children trace the letters of their names on construction paper cut out in light bulb shapes and hang up the names for fun christmas decorations in the classroom.
a black and white drawing of a microwave in the middle of a room with bookshelves
Outstanding Sketchbooks
Through the Keyhole Drawing Lesson Would be a great writing lesson, for a character study... peek into book character's bedroom
a black and white drawing of a pair of converse shoes with laces on them
Converse template by Tuck3rd on DeviantArt
Converse template
an image of a child's drawing with the words, i love my lakeland on it
Oscar Learn, Oscar Teach!
Autobiography Island - Shake up how you get to know your students. could be a good way to introduce a mini lesson/assesment on map skills
four different colored drawings of the same city
One-Point Perspective Art Lesson | Deep Space Sparkle
1 point perspective art lesson - by deep space her art lessons!!!
three pieces of art hanging on a wall with magnets attached to the walls and paper clips in front of them
Teaching Tools
Great way to display student work in the hallway while also creating a portfolio of successes!
there are many books on the shelf together
Shelf Talkers
Shelf Talkers: students complete shelf talker to recommend a book. Model with first classroom read aloud. Shelf talker must contain: title of book, author, color, eye-catching illustration, persuasive language, and teaser summary of book giving setting, character(s), problem, plot preview, description of author's style.
an abstract painting with various colors and shapes
Artwork published by Alex4079
Kandinsky in oil pastels - I love doing this lesson as a creative brain break for 5th between difficult projects
this is an image of a painting with fish in the center and bubbles around it
Artwork published by Tyler4789
Tyler4789's art on Artsonia
a woman holding up a paper model of a giraffe
The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me Lesson Plans, Teaching Resources, Summary, and Activities: Author Roald Dahl
Roald Dahl Activities and Lesson Plans The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me Example
a piece of paper cut out with the words diary of a bat written on it
Halloween Projects (Diary of a Bat, Bat Projects, Invisible Ink, Etc.)
Could be cute to go with diary of a wombat story
four different colored tags with words on them
Why didn't I think of that?!?
Keep track of logins in one easy place!
a blue mason jar with yellow ribbon hanging from it
Firefly "You Light up my Life" Mother's Day Card (Free Printable)
Fingerprint Firefly "You Light up my Life" Mother's Day Card (w/ Free Mason Jar Printable) |
four framed photos with the word love on them
Mother's Love Photo Gift {Mother's Day Gifts to Make}
Take a pic of each of your kids holding a letter. Only have 2 kids? write 2 letters on each card, or take two pics of each. Use individual frames from the $ store. Spray the frames black. Print photos or walgreens for 29cents
four handmade cards with the words we love you, grandma, and you mom written on them
there is a cake that looks like a monster on top of a card with the words mom you rock
Mother's Day Crafts that Kids Can Make
Mother's Day Craft - "Mom, you rock" rock paper weight from
three magnets with two pictures on them and a poem in the bottom right corner
Mother's Day Crafts
Mother's Day Crafts I love this poem. Will make a cool keepsake bookmark
this is an image of a mother's day card
paper craft: mother’s day card and canvas - crafts ideas - crafts for kids
paper craft: mother’s day card and canvas - crafts ideas - crafts for kids
an open card that says i love you to pieces
25 Homemade Mothers Day Gifts
I bet Wyatt is gonna make me this card for Mother's Day! (I'll post his card in May!)
a red bookmark with two photos on it
Film Strip Bookmarks - Mother's Day Craft
handprints on a bulletin board that says i love mom because it's in a vase
Mother's Day Crafts {Fabulous and Fun} - Lovebugs and Postcards
Mother’s Day Crafts {Fabulous and Fun}
nine giraffes are painted on blue and white paper with yellow dots in the sky
Inspired by the book, 'Giraffes can't Dance'
a plastic bag filled with gummy bears and a cross on the side that says shake and add
Shake And Add Math Center
Brilliant addition center - staple a cardboard plus sign inside a ziplock back, add ten bears (or other counters), and seal. Students flip upside down, shake, then flip back over. The counters fall on either side of the plus sign and students add (recording sheet included)
the domino card game is being played on the floor with four dices in front of it
Domino parking lot - students add, subtract, multiply, etc. the numbers on their domino, then park it in the corresponding spot.
a woman with glasses is sitting down
Sub Days
I like her idea of writing name on board and having students think of words to make using those letters. Other good ideas as well.
a colorful painting hanging on a wall with a keychain in front of it
Picasso cubism and Jim Dine heart art projects. plus lots of other art projects for 4th and 5th grade
Perfect for your Dr. Seuss unit!  If you are an early childhood teacher, the students' answers can be written by the teacher. Early Childhood, Read Across America Day, Book Activities, Science, Teaching Reading, Teaching Science, Thing 1, Activities
Seuss Lovin'
Perfect for your Dr. Seuss unit! If you are an early childhood teacher, the students' answers can be written by the teacher.
two hands on top of a piece of paper with strips of colored paper and leaves
The Lorax
truffula trees from the Lorax- art project
the earth's day every day worksheet is shown in black and white
Earth Day, Every Day from Lakeshore Learning: Children use a classic Dr. Seuss book to discuss ways to positively impact the environment!
the lorax paper craft is hanging on a bulletin board with a notepad attached to it
The Lorax and My Birthday Sale!
The Lorax Writing
a piece of green paper is cut out to look like a house
The Lemonade Stand
Place Value Idea to go with the True Story of the Three Little pigs
a green bulletin board with pictures and words on it that say, should the boy step at the end?
Mrs.Wyatt's Teaching Tales
Hey Little Ant-Graph
a close up of a paper cut out of a person's head with glasses
Bugs, Bugs, BUGS!!
Bugs, Bugs, BUGS!!....writing project for "Hey, Little Ant!"
a drawing of a bird with words written on it
I love Mo.
Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus descriptive word lesson. Kids give adjectives to describe the pigeon. Adorable!
some pictures are hanging up on the wall
Blue Dog Meets Just Write | Georgetown Elementary Art Blog
Why Is Blue Dog Blue
a bad case of stripes worksheet for 3rd grade students to practice reading and writing
A Bad Case of Stripes (The Book Nook!)
Adorable ideas using the book A Bad Case of the Stripes..and a small freebie :)
a drawing of a cat with the words where the wild things are shape count and color
Fun Learning Printables for Kids
Where the Wild Things Are Printables | Print the page. Have the children count the number of each shape and
the text to self connections worksheet for children with pictures and words on it
Deanna Jump
Enjoy this freebie from my newly revised Wild Things unit. Thanks! Deanna Jump
a bulletin board with letters written on it and the words how many letters are in your name?
Let's Learn our Names!
Learning names & graphing (",)
a worksheet with words and pictures on it
Back with Printables
1st Grade Fantabulous: Back with Printables
a printable worksheet for students to do what i think about apples?
Johnny Appleseed
Primary Junction: Johnny Appleseed
a printable worksheet with the words how long is your name?
Measuring with names! - Classroom Freebies
FREEBIE! Measuring with names!
a black cat sitting on top of a white background
Free Stencils - Printable Stencils
Animal Stencils
a printable worksheet to help students learn how to write and draw shapes
A Bad Case of Stripes by David Shannon - Teaching Ideas
The Picture Book Teacher's Edition: A Bad Case of Stripes by David Shannon
a person sitting at a table with a drawing on it
Art at Becker Middle School
Art at Becker Middle School
an elephant made out of colored squares with the words, then you have an emer and he isn't at all ordinary
How to draw... elephants
How to Draw...Elephants by David Mckee: A special drawing lesson with tips for drawing an excellent elephant by the creator of 'Elmer'. Click through the gallery! via #Drawing #Elephants #David_McKee #guardian
a drawing of a man with blue paint on his face
warm or cool colors feelings portrait 2nd-5th grade- expression, emotion through color and line- love
a blue dog with the words, why is blue dog blue?
What color is your Dog?
That Little Art Teacher: What color is your Dog? video (4:49)
a painting of a colorful flower on a blue background
tiny seed art
a drawing of a woman with glasses on her face and blonde hair, wearing blue eyeliners
Quick Lichtenstein Pop Art Portrait Lesson for the end of the school year. Handout has pre printed dots. They just draw, sharpie, and color.
someone is holding an open book with drawings on it
Portfolio - Post-it Book
post-it-note book. Good idea for a daily drawing activity.
a coloring page with different colors on it
First Friday Art Class for April 2013 - Color Theory
Color Theory Worksheet (featuring Roy G. Biv)
an abstract painting of colorful flowers and leaves
Prepare to Play!
Eric Carle - I See a Song
the art lesson plan for russian buildings is shown in this page, which shows how to use
Lesson Plans - The Art of Education University
Download Free Lesson Plan
some paper cut outs are hanging on the wall in front of a sign that says rooster is off to see the world
Kindergarten Pre-K Tea Goodies... - Teaching Heart Blog
Craft for Book, Rooster is Off to See the World by Eric Carle