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CTC Step 1 Dede  "What is it you want to know?" Dede asks bluntly. And then  because the question does seem to rudely call the woman to account for herself, she adds, "because there is so much to tell." pg(7) This show how Dede is self conscience of the way she talk to other people and she know when she is rude on accident
The Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum / Ateliers Jean Nouvel
▇Soak room/hot tub room?
Light comes from skylights, cut to achieve 25 foot candles of natural light on the walls, eliminate the need for electricity.
Jean Nouvel - depiction of forthcoming Louvre Museum, Abi Dhabi
poetryconcrete:  Tama Art University Library, by Toyo Ito, 2007, in Tokyo, Japan.
Light and shadow architecture
Design and Architecture on Photography Served