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a croissant, bread and fruit are on a plate
a blue and white bowl filled with different types of food
dumplings with sauce and sesame seeds on a plate
two plastic containers filled with different types of sushi on top of a white counter
a person is lifting some pasta from a pan with meat and sauce on it,
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three tacos with meat and cheese on them sitting in a glass dish, ready to be eaten
a person is eating spaghetti with clams and mussels in a large pan
J x L
Dessert, Foods, Food
a salad with figs, cheese and nuts in a bowl on a marble table
“My Little World”
a cake with white frosting and blueberries on it
𝑪 on Twitter
a white plate topped with different types of sushi on top of a striped table cloth
a pitcher filled with green liquid and ice cubes next to a plastic spoon on a white surface
❀ azalea fairy ❀ ⁷ on Twitter
two slices of pizza sitting on top of a paper plate in front of a box
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