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Ellies Weddings

Ellies Weddings
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Harry styles & Liam - one direction my 2 favourite boys


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You think you've seen it all,then harry emerges with a kangaroo costume and boxing gloves

One direction pyramid. Liam is using one arm to support 3 people & Zayn giving a thumbs up?

transformation tuesday

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody is now Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift. This is kind of hilarious.

Harry Styles - I live in the Valley for 10 mins im dying !!!!!

10 minutes of "I live in the Valley" - Harry Styles seriously best thing ever.

Niall riding a segway and eating a popsicle while the others work out


I like that name, Darcy Styles. Louis and Harry will have the cutest little girl:)

Turdy seven*

I could totally see that happening. And I love both of them so it's ok!


Check out what Niall Horan said about dating a fan! He's single and would consider dating the right Directioner. Plus, what is Niall plannin.