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an oil painting of a tree in the middle of a field with pink sky behind it
Adam Pyett - Jan Murphy Gallery
a painting of a rabbit with flowers on it's back and an orange background
Killing Me, Softly, Rose Gold
Through his work, Charming Baker explores themes of love, life, death, terror, joy and despair. His art is often infused with dark humour and underlying references to the classics.Killing Me, Softly depicts a young bunny, injured by buckshot holes. The animal stands amidst a meadow created by the chosen floral print and the vibrancy of the 23ct rose gold leaf.This giclée print is from a limited edition of 125, signed and numbered by the artist.
two birds sitting on top of a yellow and gray wall next to each other in the rain
Ghosts of Gone Birds
'One day our past will be all there will be to look forward to' - Charming Baker Ghosts of Gone Birds
an abstract painting of people in different colors and sizes, with one person looking at the camera
Darcy Nicholas, Maori Artist -
AncestralGuardians Darcy Nicholas,
a yellow sign with writing on it that says, i think if we all keep quiet for a while we might hear something
Colin McCahon, conte crayon and wash.
a painting of a woman's face with tears dripping from her eyes and gold leafy hair
The Best Paintings of The Great Gustav Klimt
Anne Marie Silberman | Larme d'or (Note: this is not a Klimt as noted in the info above.)
an abstract painting with purple and orange swirls
a sign that says boy i am from me scared hot
Paintings - Peter Robinson - Australian Art Auction Records
Peter Robinson, New Zealand artist
a painting of a bird with feathers on it's head
Gallery, Auctions, Tea Rooms, Single Owner Specialists
"Young Kookaburra taking its first laugh " by Brett Whiteley Mossgreen Auctions (Art Auctions), Melbourne