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a large white house with red roof and flowers in the foreground, on a sunny day
an assortment of plants and flowers in a garden
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a large house with many windows and lots of flowers in the front garden area, surrounded by greenery
Rafine Living Handcrafted Home Goods Seih Kerela Beige Daybed Pillows Daybed Sofa In Bedroom Aesthetic, Floor Cushions Living Room, Comfortable Living Room, Watching Television, Floor Couch, Cushion Couch, Lounge Space, Floor Sofa, Plain Colors
Seih Kerela Beige Daybed
With its minimalist design and plain colors, a versatile resting cushion that can adapt to the decoration of your home. The SEIH cushions are handmade and produced by natural materials.They are soft and comfortable where you can easily lean your back and drink your coffee while reading a book or watching television. Each cushion is hand sewn. Dimensions and weight have been averaged, products may differ. Materials Filled with cotton and straw. Dimensions F Floor Cushion : Height 30cm / Depth 90c
a wicker hanging chair with pillows on it