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Sierra Leone | ©Ian Winstanley African People, We Are The World, Foto Art, Jolie Photo, African Culture, People Of The World, African Beauty, Kids Portraits, 인물 사진
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Sierra Leone | ©Ian Winstanley
a man with a green head covering on his face and wearing a scarf around his neck
Touareg. Gao. Mali
a young boy wearing a hat with the words in spanish above him, and an image of
Malawi boy
an african woman with painted face and earrings
ethiopia Surma tribal art
a woman in purple is holding a stick and looking at the camera with an intense look on her face
Ethiopian Tribes, Suri
Surma People | ETHIOPIA
a young boy is covered in mud and grass
Africa - Ethiopia / Surma boy
Africa - Ethiopia / Surma boy
Surma child - photo probably by Hans Sylvester Bodypainting, Natural Fashion, Facepaint, African Masks
Surma child - photo probably by Hans Sylvester
an african woman wearing beaded necklaces and headdress, with her eyes closed
Africa | Ndebele women, Pilgrims Rest | © Shelley Christians
an old woman with tattoos on her face
adoro isso
In a 200 year-old custom, the Chin ethnic minority group in Myanmar would give their daughters elaborate facial tattoos to ward off attacks from neighboring princes who would often try to kidnap girls to be concubines. The women in picture was one of the last to receive the groups markings, which has now died out.
an african woman with painted on her face and neck, standing in front of a body of water
African Marriage Ritual Photos -- National Geographic
Karo Woman, Ethiopia Photograph by Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher Relying on nature and trade for what they need, the Karo decorate their bodies to enhance their looks and attract the opposite sex. Here, a woman named Kawo wears face paint that imitates a guinea fowl’s spotted plumage.
a man with yellow face paint wearing a large hat and feathered headdress
Papua New Guinea - Huli tribe wigman
Papua New Guinea | Huli tribe wigman. New Guinea is the second largest island next to Greenland and is located in the Southwest Pacific Ocean.
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k so maybe im obsessed with a man in uniform...and babies...