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Hand wearing the Cherub Cocktail Ring in 9ct rose gold. Rings, Tudor, Jewellery, Unique Pieces, Jewelry, Cherub, Cherubs, Fine Jewelry, Wings
Cherub Cocktail Ring
Cherubs were found often in formal Tudor gardens, placed there as a reminder of a lost loved one. This unique piece is to be treasured forever, and the perfect accessory for any occasion. The cherub’s serene face, flanked by generous carved wings, takes many hours of meticulous handiwork to complete. One to keep, or the ultimate gift (if you can bear to part with it).
Garden of Eden Cocktail Ring featuring a large oval amethyst Rose Gold, Roses, Rhodium Plated, Rhodium, Ring
Garden of Eden Cocktail Ring with Amethyst
A bold nod to Tudor reimaginings of the ill-fated garden, this timeless cocktail ring features a large oval gemstone coddled by rhodium-plated white gold roses. Rose branches and snakes climb its shoulders, leading upward to the main event.