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multiple images of different shapes and lines in black and white, each with an oval at the center
Complex Vertices
Complex Vertices by Michael Paul Young:
several different angles of an outdoor area with trees and benches in the middle, along with many other areas that have been designed to reflect light
Maison Shell par Kotaro Ide - Journal du Design
Voici la maison Shell située à Karuizawa au Japon, nous devons cette habitation à l’architecte japonais Kotaro Ide du studio Artechnic. Nichée dans une épaisse forêt, cette maison inspirée de formes naturelles marines donne l’illusion de flotter dans la végétation dense environnante.
several different types of drawings on display in a store window, all lined up and ready to be sold
Awesome sketchbook!
Awesome sketchbook!
an open book with drawings and writing on the pages, including a drawing of a woman's face
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Andrew Loomis personal #sketchbook study c.1944 - #sketch
three drawings of men in different poses and positions
four different types of ink drawings on paper
Sketches 2011-2013
Tattoo inspiration... Sketches 2011-2013 by Artem Solop Kiev, Ukraine on Behance | Character Design | Drawing | Illustration | Drawing | Draw | Sketch | Doodle | Ilustração |
an image of a woman's face in black and white, with different facial expressions
Perceptions of Identity: IB Visual Arts
crumpled portraiture: IB Art
an open book with pictures and text on the pages, including photos of a woman's face
Art sketchbook
an open book with pictures of people and words on the pages that read,'my digital sketchbook '
Beautiful example of exploring an Artist model (Michael Shapcott) in your workbook
an open book with drawings of skulls and human faces
Art Sketchbook Ideas: creative examples to inspire students
sketchbook presentation again reminds us of what the essence of a quality sketchbook should be: quality drawings (image sources clearly shown), surrounded by unobtrusive, comprehensive annotation.